The item I want on lowes.com is unavailable for store pickup and unavailable for delivery. Is the item discontinued or can I purchase it elsewhere?

If an item is not available on lowes.com, we invite you to visit another authorized retailer of Scott Living home goods via our Where To Buy page. If the item cannot be located, it may be a seasonal item that will not be available again until the following year. Please keep an eye out on social media via @MrDrewScott and @MrSilverScott to stay updated on relaunches!

Where can I purchase a side splash for my Scott Living bathroom vanity?

We currently offer five side splashes on Lowes.com:

I work for Lowe’s Home Improvement and I’m looking for more Scott Living bath vanity POP materials. Where can I reorder them?

Please call Archway at 855-571-1044 to order more POP materials and/or Scott Living bath vanity catalogs.

Where can I track my Lowe’s Scott Living bath vanity or fireplace order?

If you are an associate at Lowe's, please email tracking@greentouchhome.com to track your customer's Scott Living bath vanity or fireplace order. Please provide the PO number.

Can I purchase the Scott Living bath vanity stone top separately from the base?

At this time, you cannot purchase the stone top separately from the base. They are sold only as a complete unit.

How do I care for my Scott Living furniture?

  • Dust regularly with a lightly moistened cloth sprayed with a fine furniture polish
  • Avoid excessive exposure to constant sunlight, dampness, dryness, heat or cold
  • Immediately blot away any spills or fluids to prevent spots/stains
  • Do not use cleaning products containing alcohols or acetones
  • Use coasters or protective pads when necessary
  • Avoid sliding anything across a surface to prevent scratches
  • Vacuum the inside of drawers to remove sawdust build up
  • Rearrange furniture occasionally to ensure even use of wear areas

Where can I find the manual for my Scott Living Indoor item?

You can download the product manual for your Scott Living Indoor item here.

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